Tree Alliance

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Planting trees in the right place on farms with the intention of harvesting and replanting is a win-win for the environment, society and landowners.

Tree Alliance

Tree Alliance is a strategic program run by Private Forests Tasmania. The program aims to raise awareness of farm forestry and the benefits of trees on farms, and to encourage and facilitate farmers to plant commercially viable trees in the agricultural landscape.

Our treety: to grow our future economy and ecology through trees.


Native regrowth forest management

Tasmania’s private native regrowth forests can be actively managed to contribute significantly to Australia’s shortage of construction quality wood.

Private native regrowth forest management communication materials have been developed to assist forest owners successfully plan and carry out active management for beneficial outcomes. It includes videos, fact sheets on relevant topics, a detailed guide to native regrowth forest operations and case studies demonstrating how active management techniques are being applied to achieve various land management in private native regrowth forests.

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By 2050 the human population is forecast to expand from 7.5 to 9.6 billion people. This means that by 2050 we will require 70% more food, 50% more fuel, and 50% more water.

We also need to reduce CO2 emissions by over 80%. All of these things will have to be achieved to ensure our economic, social, political, climate, food, water and fuel security. There's no silver bullet, but there is one thing that we can do to produce more food, improve water quality and efficiency, create biofuel, and improve the carbon balance - plant trees.

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