About Tree Alliance

Why we created the Tree Alliance

We must unite – for mutual benefit.

By 2050 the human population is forecast to expand from 7.5 to 9.6 billion people. This means that by 2050 we will require 70% more food, 50% more fuel, and 50% more water.

We also need to reduce CO2 emissions by over 80%. All of these things will have to be achieved to ensure our economic, social, political, climate, food, water and fuel security. There's no silver bullet, but there is one thing that we can do to produce more food, improve water quality and efficiency, create biofuel, and improve the carbon balance - plant trees.

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The right trees planted in the right place can improve both our ecology and our economy. And we need to plant them now.

We have a global shortage of timber and demand is set to quadruple by 2050.

Within Australia that demand is being driven by the home building market and the desire to replace carbon intensive materials and plastics with natural, recyclable and renewable products. It is estimated that we will need 2 billion square meters of new building stock every year between 2020 and 2025, especially for housing.

The Australian government states that we will need to plant a billion new trees by 2030 to meet this demand.

Achievement of this goal will both rely on and reward our farmers.

The land available for planting trees in Australia is primarily on farmland. But our farmers cannot achieve this ambitious goal alone.

We must work together to significantly increase new forestry plantings in the agricultural landscape that will help farmers to achieve their own objectives as well as those of our country.

Investing in trees today will pay dividends for current and future generations, because the resource of choice in our time is renewable. And trees are The Ultimate Renewable.

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So, we have created an alliance - a group or association formed for mutual benefit. Ours is a Tree Alliance. Because the planting of trees will benefit us all.

The Tree Alliance brings together the individuals, organisations and landowners who are interested in harnessing the benefits of trees on farms. These ‘supporters’ understand the broad social, economic and environmental benefits that incorporating commercial tree plantings into the agricultural landscape can provide. Many have created resources and tools that can help farmers to make informed decisions about trees. The Tree Alliance provides the ideal platform to share that information. We work with our supporters to create, curate and share information as broadly as possible through articles, case studies, research reports and events.

By joining the Tree Alliance, you will gain a platform for sharing your resources, access content to share through your channels, have an opportunity to collaborate on projects and events that target Tasmanian farmers and gain publicity benefits from supporting a proactive movement to benefit Australia.

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Our treety: is to collaborate and grow our future economy and ecology through trees

Contact or speak to us today about how you can join the Tree Alliance and help our farmers and Australia to grow.


Meet the farmers who are using trees to grow their future

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