Geotas Pty Ltd

Geotas Pty Ltd

Area of Operation: Statewide

GEOTAS Pty Ltd supply and install guardrail, rural and security fencing, tensioned wire rope, gabion baskets and assorted types of Lining systems (HDPE, Polypropylene and GCL).

GEOTAS's main business is the supply of civil and construction products in Tasmania.

We have an extensive product range, as we are the Tasmanian agents for Geofabrics Australasia (includes Bidim, Geote3xtiles, Geotubes, Tensar Geogrids, Megaflo), Maccaferri (Gabion Baskets, Rockfall netting and Reno Mattresses), ACP Guardrail and Tensioned Wire Rope, Delnorth/Roadside Products (Guide Posts and Signage etc.), Terra Firma Pit Lids, Propex Fibres (used in shotcrete, slabs and other various concrete applications), Suregro Revegetation Products, and many other recognised Civil and Construction suppliers and manufacturers.

We have also changed suppliers and now offer the RCPS range of concrete pipes along with our imported Sn8 Black Ribbed Culvert Pipe. We offer a range of other associated concrete products which includes headwalls, endwalls, box culverts, pits etc. Some of these associated products are manufactured in Tasmania.

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