Forestry Australia Symposium

Forestry Australia Symposium

Oct 29, 2024 - Oct 31, 2024 12:00am

2024 Forestry Australia Symposium - 'Healthy and resilient forests for our future'

Ballarat, Victoria

Regardless of land tenure and ownership, healthy and resilient forests should be the primary objective for all forest and land managers. Through active and adaptive management, healthy forests can deliver a range of environmental, social, cultural, and economic benefits – and they are much more likely to withstand future shocks and stresses, such as those generated by bushfires, invasive species and those anticipated with climate change.

The 2024 Symposium theme ‘Healthy and resilient forests for our future,’ will explore the concepts that underpin the science and best practice of sustaining and promoting the stewardship of healthy forests across all land tenures and forest types.

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Forestry Australia Symposium

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