Private Forests Tasmania is looking for a Manager, Operations
Private Forests Tasmania is looking for a Manager, Operations

Private Forests Tasmania is looking for a Manager, Operations

Posted 22 December 2023


This role will provide leadership and strategic management for Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) through oversight of its Operations Team and leading high-level projects, to further PFT’s legislated objective to facilitate and expand the development of the private forest resource in Tasmania.

Major Duties

• Strategic management of high level activities identified by the Board and CEO as priorities to furthering PFT’s legislated objectives, including development, implementation and modification of strategic projects and project specific strategy.

• Provide high level advice to the CEO and Board, apply significant professional knowledge and judgement to identify and recommend opportunities relevant to the PFT’s strategic plans and priorities, and represent PFT at the highest level in meetings and forums and act as the CEO when required.

• Create new and foster ongoing internal and external stakeholder relationships with the aim of entering into new collaborations with target sectors with the unified approach to ensuring a sustainable future forest industry.

• Proactively and effectively lead PFT’s Operations Team in implementing PFT’s legislated objectives and corporate strategies, projects and programs including leading the delivery of PFT’s customer services to its institutional, industrial and non-industrial private forestry clients and stakeholders,

• Leading the development, implementation and ongoing review and update of PFT’s communications and engagement plans and campaigns.

• Fostering best practice farm forestry, through partnerships, alliances, information kits, tools development, education and training, research and development, and resource data acquisition, analysis and management.

• Facilitating alliances with corporate investors, research providers, government organisations and other relevant parties, targeting initiatives of particular relevance to private forest owners.

• Undertaking the regulatory functions associated with the establishment or revocation of Private Timber Reserves.

• Perform any other assigned duties at the classification level that are within the employee’s competence and training.

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